Our company focus is a five-part bottomline. This is our customers, team, product/service partners, investment partners and the world at large. We seek win-wins for all. If we were in business to make money alone, we'd be in a different business. Instead our goal is to make a positive impact on people's lives and to put a smile on our partners' faces -- whether that's our management's perspective towards our team or our team's perspective towards our customers. Why? Because our customers and team work their hearts out everyday to make other people's lives better. It's only right that we do the same for them.


Are you interested in changing healthcare through leveraging robust technology stacks and growing a startup to a bolstering business? We are working on a set of products to transform key healthcare industry trends, lower costs and improve care. This change is estimated to bring knowledge to doctors, patients and researchers between 66% and 80% faster and lower costs between 32% to 46%. We're excited to make that happen. Take a look below at the open positions for more information about joining our hungry team of change makers:

Software Engineer

Are you comfortable pushing code daily and shipping code to production weekly? Do you love the fast-paced, startup environment? Are you the person sacrificing to make sure your customers are happy... staying up late to wow a customer for a deadline and demo? We're looking for a great communicator and someone willing to learn and do whatever is necessary in order to accomplish the ever-changing task-at-hand to make our partners happy. If this sounds like you, let's get started! Below are some technical requirements we're looking for:

  • Experience writing web applications with Django, Nginx, Linux
  • Experience with database architectures (e.g., MySQL, postgreSQL, NoSQL) is a plus
  • Experience with HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and AJAX is a plus
  • Great communicator

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Biomedical Informatician

We're looking for a killer bioinformatician who knows what (s)he is doing and loves what (s)he does. We want someone who wants to help people, particularly help match patients with innovations out there in healthcare. We need someone who buys into the vision of helping people. If this sounds like you, we look forward to reading your app.

  • Experience with natural language processing (NLP), especially MMTx
  • Experience with medical ontologies (e.g., SNOMED and UMLS) is a plus
  • Experience with information retrieval is a plus
  • Experience with Electronic Data Capture technologies (e.g., REDcap) is a plus

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Mobile Engineer

We're looking for a mobile engineer with experience or knowledge with Android applications and who can hang in the startup scene. Want need a great communicator, someone who wants to leave the world better than (s)he found it, and someone ready to make that dream come true.

  • Great communicator
  • Experience with Android development (JAVA and XML)
  • Experience / comfortable working with REST JSON APIs and django is a plus
  • iOS experience is a plus

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Sales Executives

We're looking for a relationship-driven sales executive who wants to take a company from less than $1,000 in revenue to over $500M in less than seven years. We want a closer, but we're also looking for that person who loves people and is character driven. We see a good fit with a candidate who strives for profit and purpose. If this sounds like you, we look forward to talking more!

  • Great communicator (written and verbal) is a must
  • History of outperforming
  • Experience in SaaS-based sales, especially at an early company is a plus
  • Design intuition and skills are a plus

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"Full Stack" Designer

We're looking for that "full stack" designer who wants perfection. We want that constant improver out there... the one that can't stop looking at other peoples' sites, meeting with people and learning. We want someone who's dead set on building an easy, fun and effective experience which is useful more than anything.

  • Strong experience with HTML, CSS, UX/UI experience
  • Mobile Design and Web Design
  • Skills in JS/jQuery et al is a plus
  • Photoshop and visual design is a plus
  • Please include a link to your portfolio

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Internships Available

We are always looking for amazing interns. To give you an idea of what you'll be doing, it won't be filing or the ugly work we don't want to touch. We are keen on giving each intern a good taste of the H4Y experience by working with our team to make an impact on our customers' lives, on our company's future, and in the world.

We offer internships for software engineers, designers, biomedical informaticians/data scientists, marketers and more.

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